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hire a bartender

How to hire a bartender

Are you a bar/restaurant and you are struggling to hire a bartender who will fulfil all your expectations?

We know that finding an appropriate cocktail bartender for hire for your restaurant or bar is not an easy job at all. If you’re one of the owners of the restaurant or bar that has a problem with the staff in the bar, this text might help you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of your employees. And if you have the will to create a cocktail bartender from amateur this article can serve you as your guide for your adventure!

Let us set one thing straight from the start. A good bartender that you trust with your establishment is a real treasure.

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How to identify and hire a good cocktail bartender ? What qualities to look for in a potential candidates for this job?

Test Your Bartenders

Is the candidate perfect for this bartender job? Howe about some easy tests during the job interview. Math should be a strong point of your future bartender, same as the possibility to memorize multiple orders at once.Test them! With the help of this little test you will know more about them.

  1. Ask your potential candidate to repeat the order you’re going to say. Let your order contains at least seven items including those special orders
  2. Immediately after this task, give to your candidate a price list and ask them how would they charge this order.

Calculate the time that each candidate needed to successfully finish a task. The accuracy of the response and the required time to come with correct answer should be for sure taken into consideration before you make a final decision about selection of candidates for this responsible job.

Characteristics and Skills of Cocktail Bartenders

Successful bartenders have certain qualities that differ them from unsuccessful bartenders. In fact, the bartender job is very demanding and it would be necessary that this person has specific skills, knowledge, experience and the tendency to this type of work.

Search for a person with a lot of energy
Your bartender should be a person who can do a marathon job, long distance runner. This means that he or she has enough physical and mental strength that is not easy to ” spend ” while they do such a demanding tasks.

Speed is one of the qualities that is required for good bartenders. People which you may characterize as “slow” do not fit into this job. You do not want to have ” Gustav ” in your bar right? So say goodbye to all cute ” slow motion ” girls and boys. Without speed there is no effectiveness, and that is what we strive for isn’t it ?
Potential candidates who are regularly engaged in some sports activities have vantage. Sport has a positive impact on the physical and mental condition which results with less absence and the best performance of working tasks during the shift .
On the other hand, candidates who smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol and drugs (including beer and marijuana ) will be more susceptible to health problems and frequent absences. Therefore, do not forget to ask candidates about their habits and sports activities during the interview for job.

Communicative Person with Positive Attitude
Bartending can be an ideal job for the right person. For communicative friendly person it represents the perfect blend of fun and profit. If you choose positive friendly person for your barmen this will attract visitors and make them feel welcome, and they will be happy to get back into your restaurant or bar for coffee or glass of wine again.

Communicative person will also easily join to your team in the bar, express his or her opinion, point to potential problems and willingly give some suggestions to solve it. In this way, you will more quickly overcome possible problems and improve overall business.

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