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Plan a cocktail party at home

Cocktail parties at home are a big thing these days. Trust us. It’s an easy way to have people over and you don’t have to fight for a table or to be heard, and no one is asking you to leave when the food is over. The beauty of planning a cocktail party at home is that you can stay and enjoy the time you spend with your guests for as long as you want too.

So, how do you throw a cocktail party? How much food and liquor do you need? How much ice? Here’s a guide so you don’t go astray:

We know that having guests over is never “effortless.” But, the ideas presented today should help provide some clear direction which will simplify the notion of hosting a cocktail party!


We believe it’ wise to set a beginning and end time for your cocktails serving. Perhaps 6-8 p.m as this gives plenty of time for a good meal afterwards. By stating the end time to the event your guests can make plans afterwards, knowing when the party will be finishing up.


You must inform your guests if this is a casual affair, if they need to wear “cocktail” attire or something in between. If you say you’re hosting a cocktail party, this question will arise, so address it in the invite.


You’ll need ice, glassware drinking straws, napkins.

How much ice? You will need at least one pound of ice per guest. An effective rule of thumb that errs on the side of never running out of ice is to get 10 pounds per every 4 guests.

Cocktail Glassware: When you plan your cocktail menu is also nice to have some beer and wine on hand for those who may not enjoy cocktails. For ease, stick to three cocktails, which all require the same glass and then triple the glassware for the number of guests coming. Also, glassware that doesn’t match is perfectly fine. But, if you don’t entertain often or you don’t wish to store glassware, rent it — renting glassware is easy and many times they deliver. Highballs can be used for beer and a universal wine glass, stem or no stem, is just fine. It’s not a wine tasting party; it’s a cocktail party!

Last – if you don’t want to spend your time shopping

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